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Ecotopia and Political Expectations

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Three Lectures on Paul Tillich by Paul Lee “There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough-hew them how we will.” Shakespeare There are three concepts to consider at the outset: palimpsest, occultation, and aletheia, the Greek word for truth. Palimpsest is the overlayering of texts, literally meaning “scraped again,” as in … Read More

On the Wings of Thymós

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by Paul A. Lee On the Wings of Thymós The plumage that was Plato’s is indicated by the name given to the group of those who followed Socrates-the fellowship of the swan. Philosophy, according to Socrates, is swan song, with one foot in the grave, meditating on finitude, mortality and having to … Read More

Meaning of Health

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by Paul A. Lee The depiction of Hygieia in the mural devoted to medicine at the University of Vienna, by Gustav Klimt, expresses the artistic and cultural background that formed Paul Tillich as a German philosopher and theologian. Vienna was the center for the “fin-desiecle,” as well as the center for many … Read More

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