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A Lullaby for Wittgenstein

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PAUL A. LEE 131 SPRING ST. SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA 831 469 3384 DRPALEE@AOL.COM Act One Scenes 1–5 Act Two Scenes 1–6 Act Three Scenes 1–7 Cast of characters Ludwig Wittgenstein, a famous philosopher Helmuth von Moltke, a German aristocrat and officer in the Abwehr, the German intelligence unit Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran … Read More

Paul’s Letter to the Athenians

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Paul’s Letter to the Athenians An excursus on faith in the mode of negative or apophatic theology, faith without content, leaving it to the Spirit to blow where it listeth. Grace and peace to you. St. Paul reading the Letter to the Athenians Georges DeLatour For it is in him that all … Read More

In Memoriam, The Passenger Pigeon

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The last passenger pigeon the world will ever know died September 1, 1914. At the time, the event was little regarded. The onrushing war held greater sway on people’s imaginations. But as the years pass, it becomes ever more clear that this death of a bird in a cage, a bird stolen … Read More

The Deeply Green Reading Guide

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by Sandy Irvine A spectre is beginning to haunt the world. It is not some phantom menace. It is the all too real possibility of irreversible ecological and therefore social collapse. Modern society faces the ruination that once brought down seemingly invincible civilisations in the past. Then the collapse was comparatively local … Read More

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