Alan Chadwick

Alan Chadwick The Ecology Hall of Fame was inspired by the life and work of Alan Chadwick, the famous proponent of organic gardening. In 1967, Dr. Paul Lee started the Student Garden Project at the University of California, Santa Cruz and hired Chadwick to develop the garden. This garden, now known as the Chadwick Garden, introduced the French Intensive and Biodynamic systems of food and flower production to America. From this garden, his students have spread across the country with Chadwick-inspired gardens and farms from California to Virgina — and even one in Kenya!

Chadwick restored what could be called the vital root of existence, a restoration and renewal of the integrity of organic nature. We were able to re-plant ourselves in nature by virtue of what he transmitted.

But more than that, for those who were touched by his genius, Chadwick was larger than life. He taught and inspired more by his manner and his behavior than by his words alone. He takes his place among all of those we wish to honor in the Hall of Fame, the favored ones, the transmitters of life.

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