Abbey is best remembered for two works, the autobiographical Desert Solitaire and the novel The Monkey Wrench Gang. But his literary output was far greater than this, and much of it, both fiction and non-fiction, is at least as rewarding as these two famous books. In fact, Abbey himself said that Black Sun was his favorite Edward Abbey novel.

Books published during his life
Jonathan Troy 1954 (novel)
The Brave Cowboy 1956 (novel)
Fire on the Mountain 1962 (novel)
Desert Solitaire 1968 (novel)
Appalachian Wilderness 1970 (travel)
Black Sun 1971 (novel)
Slickrock 1971 (travel)
Cactus Country 1973 (essays)
The Monkey Wrench Gang 1975 (novel)
The Journey Home 1977 (essays)
The Hidden Canyon 1977 (travel)
Abbey’s Road 1979 (essays)
Desert Images 1979 (essays)
Good News 1980 (novel)
Down the River 1982 (essays)
In Praise of Mountain Lions 1984 (essays)
Beyond the Wall 1984 (essays)
Slumgullion Stew: An Abbey Reader 1984 (anthology)
The Best of Edward Abbey 1984 (anthology)
One Life at a Time, Please 1988 (essays)
The Fool’s Progress 1988 (novel)

Posthumous Books
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness 1989 (journal extracts)
Hayduke Lives 1989 (novel)
Earth Apples 1994 (poetry)
Serpents in Paradise 1995 (anthology)

Biographies and Critical Studies
McCann on Edward Abbey 1977 (by Garth McCann)
The New West of Edward Abbey 1982 (by Ann Ronald)
Resist Much, Obey Little 1989 (James Hepworth and Gregory McNamee, editors)
Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist 1994 (by James Bishop Jr.)

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