Julia Butterfly Hill The following links will help you explore the Web and learn more about Julia, her world, and her relevance to your world. If you find any other Web sites that you think should be included here, please e-mail us at .

  • First, Julia’s own group, The Circle of Life Foundation.
  • Next, there are two web pages with extensive links to information about Julia and about the continuing struggle to save the Headwaters and other redwood forests:
    • One is at the Circle of Life Foundation web site. This list includes not only information about Julia but links to other groups working to protect the Headwaters and other forests and the animals that depend on them
    • You can find links to many newspaper articles and press releases about Julia’s time in Luna at the ProActivist web site


  • Julia lived in Luna as part of the ongoing struggle to save the Headwaters Forest, one of the last remnants of the great Coast Redwood forest that once cloaked much of the Pacific Coast. The following websites have information about the forest and continuing efforts to preserve what little remains.
    • EarthHope Action Network
    • Environmental Protection Information Center
    • North Coast Earth First!
    • Sierra Club
    • Trees Foundation
    • Jail Hurwitz!!! web site.
    • Here’s the latest news (July 10, 2000) on the continuing struggle over the Headwaters Forest.

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