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Pogonip offers a wide variety of habitats and microclimates, including open meadows, dark cool forests, creek beds, and three virgin stands of redwood. Within the park there are miles of hiking trails and endless sites for informal picnics. The Circle Trail Route follows Spring Trail, Brayshaw Trail, and Golf Club Drive. Dogs … Read More

Who Killed Cock Robin?

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An Earth Day 2000 Address by Paul Lee The Ballad of Rachel Carson and the Historical Origins of the Environmental Crisis and Earth Day An Earth Day, 2000, Talk, by Paul A. Lee, PhD In the summer of l969, I took a wilderness canoe trip with Gaylord Nelson, the Senator from Wisconsin. … Read More

Florence the Goose

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Florence is a goose. I think of her as my goose although I don’t own her. She belongs to me in my imagination, although she is a real flesh and blood and feathers goose. She lives in the park a block away, where there is a pond. It is called West Lake … Read More

Ecotopia and Political Expectations

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Three Lectures on Paul Tillich by Paul Lee “There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough-hew them how we will.” Shakespeare There are three concepts to consider at the outset: palimpsest, occultation, and aletheia, the Greek word for truth. Palimpsest is the overlayering of texts, literally meaning “scraped again,” as in … Read More

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