Florence the Goose

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Florence is a goose. I think of her as my goose although I don’t own her. She belongs to me in my imagination, although she is a real flesh and blood and feathers goose. She lives in the park a block away, where there is a pond. It is called West Lake … Read More

Ecotopia and Political Expectations

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Three Lectures on Paul Tillich by Paul Lee “There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough-hew them how we will.” Shakespeare There are three concepts to consider at the outset: palimpsest, occultation, and aletheia, the Greek word for truth. Palimpsest is the overlayering of texts, literally meaning “scraped again,” as in … Read More

In Memoriam, The Passenger Pigeon

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The last passenger pigeon the world will ever know died September 1, 1914. At the time, the event was little regarded. The onrushing war held greater sway on people’s imaginations. But as the years pass, it becomes ever more clear that this death of a bird in a cage, a bird stolen … Read More

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