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In Memoriam, The Passenger Pigeon

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The last passenger pigeon the world will ever know died September 1, 1914. At the time, the event was little regarded. The onrushing war held greater sway on people’s imaginations. But as the years pass, it becomes ever more clear that this death of a bird in a cage, a bird stolen … Read More

The Deeply Green Reading Guide

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by Sandy Irvine A spectre is beginning to haunt the world. It is not some phantom menace. It is the all too real possibility of irreversible ecological and therefore social collapse. Modern society faces the ruination that once brought down seemingly invincible civilisations in the past. Then the collapse was comparatively local … Read More

How Bad Is It?

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The following press release was web published on the Sierra Club’s Sprawl listserv in August, 1999. It gives as good an explanation as we’ve seen of how bad the current world-wide ecological crises has become. We reprint it here with the permission of the press office of the International Botanical Congress. For … Read More

Not the Counter Culture Anymore

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by Shelley Gerstein This essay first appeared in Coast Magazine’s Holiday Issue, 1996 reprinted with permission of the author It’s said of computers, garbage in – garbage out. The same is true about understanding ourselves. If we rely on false myths about ourselves and our history, no matter how sophisticated our analysis, … Read More

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