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How to Become a Spiritual Millionaire When Money is no Object
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How To Become a Spiritual Millionaire When Money Is No Object By Paul Lee The story of U.S.A. (University/United Services Agency) and other nonprofit corporations in Santa Cruz, California and their contribution to the local culture as a microcosm of the national contribution of nonprofits. Penniless, we own the world. St. Paul … Read More

Who Killed Cock Robin
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Dr. Paul Lee Lectures at Cowell College UCSC Spring 2014 about the history of the philosophy of Environmentalism.

The Rise of the Rational Self – Consciousness from Homer to Plato
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Dr. Paul Lee gave this class, “The Rise of the Rational Self – Consciousness from Homer to Plato” at UCSC’s Cowell College Spring of 2012.

Dr. Paul Lee & the Digital Labyrinth
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Dr. Paul Lee takes us through the labyrinth at UCSC in the summer of 1970. Captured by poet and media artist, Gerd Stern.

Vital Roots
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In this video, I, Paul Lee, discuss the history and philosophy of herbs and herbal medicine at the Homeless Garden Project, in Santa Cruz, CA, Fall 0f 2009. This video was taken by my dear friend and videographer, Eric Thiermann.

Class, Who Killed Cock Robin? at Cowell College
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    Join me, Dr. Paul Lee, this Spring 2014 Quarter at  Cowell College to the history of California Organic Movement that began here at UCSC.

Paul Lee Speaks at the Mechanic’s Library Author Series
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This movie is a presentation and conversation I had at the Mechanic’s Library in San Francisco, May 2013 about my book, There is a Garden in the Mind, with Nada Miljkovic.

Back in the EcoTopia Saddle
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Back in the saddle after three months at our retreat–Cisco Point–in Phelps, Wisconsin where I kept myself busy by writing drafts of two books. How To Become A Spiritual Millionaire When Money Is No Object tells the story of nonprofit corporations in this country, their historical background, as I see it, in … Read More

There Is a Garden in the Mind Reviewed by Publishers Weekly
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Publishers Weekly gave my new book,There Is a Garden in the Mind: A Memoir of Alan Chadwick and an Organic Movement in California, an appreciative review. In 1967, author and educator Lee and amateur gardener Chadwick established the University of California, Santa Cruz, Chadwick Garden. Lee originated the idea for the garden, … Read More

Homer’s Contribution to the Meaning of Truth
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HOMER’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE MEANING OF TRUTH The Greeks called Homer wise, the wisest of all mortal men, and made his poems their only schoolbooks. It may be not unwise to ask the question, what kind of knowledge did the Greeks suppose Homer possessed-why was he called wise? Of course, Homer occasionally … Read More