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There Is a Garden in the Mind Reviewed by Publishers Weekly

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 2.03.01 PMPublishers Weekly gave my new book,There Is a Garden in the Mind: A Memoir of Alan Chadwick and an Organic Movement in California, an appreciative review.

In 1967, author and educator Lee and amateur gardener Chadwick established the University of California, Santa Cruz, Chadwick Garden. Lee originated the idea for the garden, but Chadwick made the garden a reality and, to Lee, seemed to embody the vitality of the space. To many he became the “Pied Piper” of the organic movement in California. In what he describes as a philosophical memoir, Lee provides glimpses of Chadwick’s pedigree, temper, drive, and vision, but a fully realized portrait or biography never emerges. Instead Lee delivers a meditation that begins with Chadwick and explores the modern tension between positivist science and the integrity of organic nature. He laments that the more holistic, organic approach has been driven out of academia and contemporary culture by the quantitative analysis of the physical sciences. He traces the contributions and insights of Goethe, the philosophers Paul Tillich and Rudolf Steiner, ecologist Rachel Carson, and many others. The book is part philosophy, part personal meditation, and part tribute to a man who was a transformational figure in the organic movement that began from small seeds in California and has now reached a global community. (Mar.)

The book was reviewed on 01/21/2013.

The book will be available on March 15th and can be ordered now on Amazon. It’s published by North Atlantic Press (Random House, dist.), $19.95 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-58394-559-9

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This review by Publishers Weekly is mostly correct, but one would have to disagree with the assertion that Alan Chadwick was an “amateur gardener.” As early as the 1950’s he managed the famous Admiralty Gardens in South Africa. In the early 1960’s he created two elaborate estate gardens on Long Island, New York. Then in 1967 he was hired by the University of Califronia at Santa Cruz to build the extremely influential educational organic garden there. He was a professional in the highest degree. More of his history can be found here:

Alan Chadwick

Click on “Biography” for an index to Alan’s history.

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