DeLaveaga Park

DeLaveaga Park This park was given to the City of Santa Cruz by Jose Vincente DeLaveaga, a local philanthropist. In the early years of this century, it was used as a silent film studio. Many of the films featured animals, so a zoo was started. The movie studio and zoo are gone now, but the park has one of the most popular picnic areas in Santa Cruz. It’s on the west side, accessible from Branciforte Drive.

The Circle Trail follows Brookwood Drive along the eastern side of the Park and uses a trail and a dirt road along the western side. Cyclists may use Brookwood northbound only and should avoid the single track trail along the west side. They can take Upper Park Road instead. Both routes cross the disk golf course at the northern tip of the park and wind through redwood forest, coast live oak groves, and several small pocket meadows. Except for Pogonip, De Laveaga probably has the greatest variety of wildflowers of any section of the Trail.

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